Mir Iskusstva

Mir Iskusstva or, in English, «World of Art» was an artistic movement that flourished in Russia at the turn of the twentieth century. It incorporated artists from all disciplines - music, literature, dance, theater, and visual art - who shared ideas and inspiration. United under the idea of “art for art’s sake,” Mir Iskusstva aspired to create a Russian national art parallel to Western European art.

Ballets Russes

The Ballets Russes was a ballet company established in 1909 by the Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev and resident first in Paris and then in Monte Carlo. It created a sensation in Western Europe because of the great vitality of Russian ballet compared to what was current in France at the time. It became the most influential ballet company in 20th century, and that influence, in one form or another, has lasted to this day.

Photo: Mikhail Fokine and Vera Fokina in Scheherazade, 1911